Content you can share with Activities

Below is the list of response you can share with Marketplace (OTAs) via ExperienceBank from your Booking system

List of Responses

Name Description
titleActivity Title
descriptionActivity Description. Can contain HTML
highlightsActivity Highlights. Can contain HTML
itineraryActivity Itinerary. Can contain HTML
languageActivity language
destinationThe object contains information about the Activity destination
countryCodeDestination country code
codeDestination code
nameDestination name
mediaThe object contains information about media resources (images, videos)
 imagesThe object contains information about header, teaser, and gallery images
headerHeader image URL. Can be null
teaserTeaser image URL. Can be null
galleryAn array of image urls. Can be an empty array []
videosAn array of video urls. Can be an empty array []
categoriesActivity categories. The maximum possible is 3 categories. Can be an empty array []. Please check available categories here
meeting pointsAn array of meeting points. Can be an empty array [] if not supported
nameMeeting point name
latitudeMeeting point latitude
longitudeMeeting point longitude
addressMeeting point address
minSeatsMinimum seats required to book this ticket category
  maxSeatsMaximum seats allowed to book this ticket category. If it is a single-seat ticket with one ticket code it should be 1. If it is more than 1 f.e. 5 we assume that no matter how many spots were booked 2 or 5 this ticket will have only 1 ticket code (QR Code, Barcode, etc) which means it is a GROUP ticker
    typeTicket Category type. Can be an empty string "". Supported types: Adult, Child, Infant, Senior, Youth, Student, Military, Group, Traveller, Family, Transfer, Room, Other
ageLimitTicket Category age limit. Can be null
minAgeAge limit minimum age
maxAgeAge limit the maximum age

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