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Mapping basic concepts

What is Mapping in Channel Manager (ExperienceBank)

Mapping is the term used in the tours and activities industry by Channel Managers such as ExperienceBank. It is the process of connecting Tours & Activities between booking systems like TrekkSoft and Marketplaces (OTAs) via a channel Manager. A channel manager (ExperienceBank) automates the process of updating availabilities on all Marketplace at the same time, making activities you have configures on your booking system be available on the marketplace. This streamlines the process of making your activities available on many channels and managing them in one place.


For big marketplaces such as (Expedia, Viator & GetYourGuide) the mapping on ExperienceBank itself is a very easy three-step process by connecting  Activities, Options, and Ticket Category of your Booking system with the OTA.


For Other marketplaces, it is even simpler; you only need to enable the Marketplace on ExperineceBank and your activities will be shared with the Marketplace automatically along with all the availabilities and prices. Even when creating a new activity, it will be shared automatically with the marketplaces via the ExperienceBank channel manager.


Note: – By using ExperienceBank you can share tours and activities with Titles, descriptions, schedules, prices, images, videos, etc. If you want the complete list please click here.

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