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ExperienceBank Mapping

Answer - We need a CSV file from OTA to import your product on ExperienceBank and Map on it.

Answer - No, right now ExperienceBank needs a CSV file only for Viator, Expedia, and GetYourGuide.

Answer - Activities can be your Product, Activity, Tour or Attraction, etc.

Answer - Options are schedules and types of schedules on ExperiencBank.

      • Schedules - Can be start time, departure time, and opening hours.
      • Type of schedule - Can be a private, group, small group, morning, the afternoon, etc.


Answer - Ticket Categories are prices on ExperienceBank. It can be Adult, child, Infant, youth, senior, student, etc.

Answer - Yes, under the check availability option you can see the availability of products (available seats) on ExperienceBank - which are received from the Booking system.

Answer -  No, right now we do not have the possibility to block the availability on ExperienceBank.But you can block it on your Booking system.

Answer - By default ExperienceBank is integrated to request 365 days of availability from the Booking system. But it can be increased anytime for example ExperienceBank requests 730 days of availability from TrekkSoft.

Answer -  CSV file on ExperienceBank is a file that contains the details of products that are available on OTAs.

  • Product name and their ID
  • Option/schedule their name and ID
  • Ticket Category their name and ID
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