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How to Map the Activities on ExperienceBank – Expedia

This step-by-step article describes how to do the mapping for Expedia on ExperienceBank.

Step 1. Set up your account on OTA (Expedia)

If you are not registered with Expedia, please go to Join Expedia Local Expert and complete the application process. You need to set up your account and upload products on Expedia with the help of your Expedia Destination Manager. Please make sure that you select the correct booking system, which helps in getting your application accepted quickly. Afterward, please wait for Expedia`s response regarding your application.

Step 2. Request a CSV file from Marketplace (Expedia)

Request a product CSV file from your Expedia Destination Manager. This file includes the list of your products with Offer and Ticket type. (Here offer are the Schedules and Ticket type are the Pricing categories for Example Adult, Child, Infant, etc.)

You can also request the CSV file by using this Email ID:

Once the CSV file received, you can now proceed to map the products on ExperienceBank.

Note: Whenever you add a New Product & New Offer/Option on your Expedia you need to request an updated CSV file from them and import it into ExperienceBank and update the mapping.

What does the Expedia CSV file looks like?

Step 3. Login to ExperienceBank

Click on this URL to open the login page of ExperienceBank.

Now, use your supplier contact Email ID to login (In case, you forgot 🤔 the password, you can click on the Forgot password link to retrieve your password).

Note – For the login email ID & password of ExperienceBank, you have to contact your booking system.

“Cheers 😃 After the successful login, now you’ll be redirected to the ExperienceBank dashboard”👇

Note: – ExperienceBank Account created automatically by your Booking System. This will depend on the Booking system structure, whether they will create your ExperienceBank account through API OR Manually.

Step 4.  Enabling Expedia Marketplace on ExperienceBank

  1. Choose Marketplace in the sidebar menu
  2. Search for the “Expedia” square
  3. Click ENABLE

Step 5. Importing Expedia product CSV file to ExperienceBank for the first time

To upload the Expedia CSV file on ExperienceBank you need to click on the |IMPORT EXPEDIA PRODUCTS |button which is right in the middle of the ExperienceBank Expedia marketplace Page.

After clicking on the button, a window will appear where you can browse the relevant CSV file and select it, then click the Open button to upload the CSV file on ExperienceBank.

When the CSV file products were perfectly uploaded on the ExperienceBank there is a short Pop up message that appears on the top right corner.

  “Success Product will upload successfully”

Cheers 😃  All unmapped products appear in Orange and are now ready for mapping 👇 

Step 6. How to map the Activities on ExperienceBank

There are three simple steps for the Mapping of Activities:

1. Map the relevant Activities

  • Find the product you would like to map ‘Amusement Park’ in the example below and click on CONFIGURE.
  • Click on the dropdown under the Connect Your Activities option.
  • In this dropdown, you will find a list of Activities from your booking system and you need to map these with the relevant Activity of your Expedia.
  • Select the desired Activity (“Amusement Park” in the example below) you wish to map.
  • Click on the CONTINUE button.

🗒  Hint: You can also map several activities of your booking system to one marketplace activity.

2. Map the Option

  • Click on the Option [09:00 AM, Attraction Entry 9:00-17:00 #ae2221 ‘Option’ in the example below] under ‘Connect Your Options’.
  • Then click on the “Click here to start mapping under Step 1: Map Option.
  • Click on the + button on the right side under Available for mapping options.
  • Lastly, click on the SAVE button
  • If you want to map the Ticket Category manually Please, see [Step 3 Map the Ticket Category ]

3. Map the Ticket category

To make your mapping faster and easier we applied the auto-mapping feature on the Ticket Category. That’s why we put an Auto Mapping button which is used to On/Off the auto mapping feature for Ticket Category.

How to map the Ticket Category manually-

I upload a GIF image that will tell you how to map the Ticket category if the auto mapping feature doesn’t work for you. For Example, #Adult will be a map with Adult type, #Child will be a map with Child type, etc.

  1. Click on the Adult Ticket category under Step 2: Map Ticket Categories.
  2. Click on the + button on the right side under Available for mapping ticket categories.
  3. Click on the SAVE button.
  4. Then repeat the above three steps for the remaining Ticket Categories,

4. Share the ExperienceBank product CSV file with the Expedia, Via link.

After completing the mapping on ExperienceBank, you need to share a link with Expedia Team via email where they can download the ExperienceBank mapped product CSV file and do the mapping on their side too. By this link, you can download ExperienceBank’s mapped product CSV file anytime.

Below mentioned link is demo purpose only

[For Example DemoSupplier.csv ]

How to copy the CSV file link

You just need to click on `Show and copy link to mapped IDs` the link will be automatically added to your clipboard, and you need to paste that link in your Email and share it with Expedia Team.

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