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Check eligibility for Google things to do

If you want to list your product on Google Things to do, you must adhere to their strict quality standards. There are specific criteria that need to be satisfied in order for your product content to be accepted.

Who is eligible for the Google Things to do-

Prior to commencing, ensure that your product meets the threshold of eligibility for GTTD to avoid any disappointment.

1. Product must have a Point of Interest.

A Point of interest is a specific physical location that someone may find interesting. For Example, museums, parks, monuments and some famous tourist attractions. To check the Point of Interest on Google map please take a look at the GIF animation attached.

2. Product must have a booking widget on Google search.

So when you search your product on google there should be a booking widget. To determine if a product has a booking widget, you need to perform a Google search for it. If there is an expansive section on the right side of the results page for Admission and Experiences, then that means it does indeed have a booking widget.

3. Products must have Images.

Images should be consistent with the attraction or activity and shouldn’t include promotional text, watermarks, or logos. The minimum size of the images should be at least 300 x 300 px.

When images are submitted, each product should have its own unique image. For example, a one-hour group tour of the Eiffel Tower should have a different photo or image than a two-hour tour.

Access the guidelines from Google for Images by clicking on the link below. It’s easy and can help you to make sure your images are compliant.

4. You should have a detailed page URL for your product.

The product details page URL is the webpage that contains the richest and most accurate content for the exact product variant. This link should be on a domain that you own and manage, and it should not link to an external e-commerce platform.  Product details page should have a Book now button.

5. Your Product should have Categories.

So the product must have at least one product category either a guided Tour and Self-guided tour

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